“I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to all of you for the successful closing of my condo. You made this short sale very easy for me but I know it involved lots of hard work and devoted time on your part. Thank you very much.”

LTC. Jeffrey G. , Program Analyst, U.S. Army

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“Thank you for the opportunity. You should know that when I was introduced to you, I did not know what to expect. However, you kept me well informed on the issues, situations, and developments on my house sale. Thank you for your support, advice, and timely responses with my concerns. I enjoyed the work that you and your Team did. I have no problem recommending you to someone else. Thanks.”

Stanley N., Homeowner, Grayson, GA

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“My firm moved me out of state in 2004. In 2007 I was forced to take a reduction in pay. Because of economic circumstances, I had to make a choice to quit paying for a vacant home in another state. I had been trying to sell my home since I moved out of the state, and had received several short sale offers using my real estate agent. We could never get the bank to respond to the offer a all. It was extremely frustrating. The amount of effort it took to gather all the documentation they require for submission, and then never to even get an answer back on two valid offers.

I went to the extreme of using a local real estate attorney. She worked on the case for almost a year, in attempt to get the bank to respond to the offers, or accept a Deep-in- Lieu. The bank would answer the attorney, but would never give any option for resolution.

After almost 5 years of attempting to sell the home, my real estate agent told me that she did not want to list the home anymore. She did not believe that the bank would give any other option, other than foreclosure…

I got to The Andora Group through a new real estate agent that listed the home. The new agent explained he role of The Andora Group, and the separation of duties between the agent and The Andora Group. I felt very comfortable with the approach. The agent would handle sales activity with the buyer and he buyer’s agent. The Andora Group would handle the facilitation with the bank.

I feel very blessed that my path led me to The Andora Group. We got an offer and a contract, and The Andora Group quickly began working with the bank. I could tell that this time around, the process and the outcome was going to be different. In the past I had to handle a lot of the attempts to communicate with the bank but that was taken off my plate when The Andora Group got engaged. The sale of the property was not as stressful as the prior attempts and the last 5 years.

And, the best part of all, The Andora Group negotiated a $0 deficiency settlement on a $140,000 deficiency! Like I said, I thank God and feel very blessed that my path led me to Mellanda and her team. Best of luck with selling your home, you are in good hands with The Andora Group.”

Andrew P., Homeowner, Hiram, GA

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“We wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent service and professional handling of our short sale. We found your service o be above and beyond what we expected especially when we needed an answer, you were either promptly answered the phone or returned our call within a very short time. This was a great piece of mind when going through a very unfamiliar and stressful process for us. Not only were you able to meet our needs but took the time and throughout the process ahead of time and throughout the process you showed great patience and understanding. Thank you again for a great job!”

Earl M., Homeowner, Atlanta, GA

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“I appreciated the prompt reply to my questions and concerns.”

Schuyler E., Homeowner, Duluth, GA

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